Buildings Projects

Buildings Projects

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Getas Building

Project Name: Getas Building
Date Award: Mar. 18,2004
Date Completion: May 31,2005

A complete structure and framework.

Oromia Radio & Television Station

Project Name: Oromia Radio & Television Station
Name of Employer: Oromia Regional State, Adama Project Office
Date Award: Nov. 2003
Date Completion: Nov. 2006

A complex building project with complex sanitary electromechanical and site works.

National Museum

Project Name: National Museum
Name of Employer: Authority for Research & Conservation Culture Heritage
Date Award: Aug. 2003
Date Completion: Jan. 2006

A complex building project with complex sanitary electromechanical and site works.

Dembel City Center

Project Name: Dembel City Center
Name of Employer: Yemiru Nega
Date Award: Nov. 1994
Date Completion: Dec. 2001

Dembel City Centre is a beautiful flowery-yellow multi story building, located at Africa Avenue on the road to the Air Port. The City Centre, as a mall, is embracing a mosaic of shops and markets under one roof providing most of the services required by customers at reasonable price. The expansion of this City Centre is underway to encompass all the needed markets and services. The expansion is a four-story building on the top of the parking complex at the rear side of Dembel City Centre. This building is planned to accommodate additional shops, gymnasiums, conference halls and other businesses. Dembel City Centre, covering about 40,000 m2 of floor area with basement ground floor and 12 stories, is one of the best buildings in Ethiopia. It has a well- secured double deck parking with a capacity of 500 vehicles at a time. The Dembel City Centre is known for it’s well trained, efficient round the clock security guards and assisted by surveillance camera. The professional attendants are always there for the safety of customers.


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