Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions

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YENCOMAD has three major strategic directions, which are focused and consistent with the overall development of the Company. These strategic directions are as follows:

STRATEGIC DIRECTION I – Adopt Relevant Policies and Procedures to Achieve Greater Institutional Capacity for Customer Satisfaction
Customer-focused policies, procedures and approaches will enable us to realize competitiveness for a long-term service in the economy. Through these policies, procedures and approaches YENCOMAD promotes practices that are compatible with national and international standards. The policies and procedures will be tuned to become customer-centered and built on the premise that every customer is inherently entitled to standards that we are all obligated to respect, protect and fulfill. We recognize the right of all customers to be the primary beneficiaries of their investment and support the full realization of that right.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION II – Improve on Project Cycle Management.

The process and the end result of projects shall be acceptable only if there is proper project design, specifications, resource planning, operation schedules, benchmarks and evaluation and appraisal of project implementations. In other words, these encompasses the formulation, the mobilization the preliminary plan, design and drawings specification and contract finalization stages as well as resource mobilization and earmarking funds. These tasks need a high level of preparedness and competencies.

The final stage of execution needs a high degree of coordination and faster exchange of information and feedback to accomplish tasks according to the agreements between the contracting parties. These functions require a well-systematized organization, and coordination as well as technical competencies and commitments to the vision and mission of YENCOMAD.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION III – Raise YENCOMAD’s visibility and partnerships in the engineering world through strong public relations

This strategic direction begins building toward YENCOMAD’s vision of being a regionally active company within a worldwide market dedicated to contributing to the development of the construction industry. We will also explore the possibility of using Internet to further our efforts. Most importantly, we are interested in partnering with the global forces and likeminded companies in the field. We will explore ways in which we can work with them, and within networks, to advance common interests.

The strategic directions rely heavily on working in collaboration with others in the international construction industry – in coalitions and alliances – and being an active contributor to a global effort in the field. To achieve this end, YENCOMAD will continue to qualitatively improve its hardware and software to translate its mission into action.

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