Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Who We Are

The Core values of YENCOMAD are Excellence, Respect, Effectiveness, Commitment and Transparency, (ERECT) as defined bellow: ERECT represents our commitment to be straight, upright, decent and creative in all our projects be they small or big.


We constantly challenge and lead ourselves to the highest levels of performance to achieve quality standards regarding quality of work and workmanship and greater customer satisfaction.


We respect the dignity, the aspirations and expectations of our customers and those who contribute to same within or outside the company. We adhere to the strict rules, laws of the land that govern our industry.


We promote efficiency and effectiveness by properly planning and organizing our undertakings and maximizing the use of resources to meet standards of construction economy and eradicating waste.


As a leading Company, we work together effectively through proper coordination to fulfil our promises to our customers. We can honestly say, our word is our bond.


We are consistently transparent and honest in what we do and say and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

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Address:  Dembel City Center,
Phone:  +251 115 33766 / 537585
Fax:  +251 115 519460
P.O.Box:  9517, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Email:  info@yencomad.com