Our Major Goals

Our Major Goals

Who We Are

One of the major goals is to expand the construction capability of YENCOMAD at an average increment of 20-25% per year through fulfilling national and international competitive bidding requirements of construction contacts. We have identified some strategies to achieve the set goal.

Triple the annual operation budget for purposes of expansion of projects in less than 5 years.

Promote the rest of the objectives of YENCOMAD as opportunities open up.

Discover our high sense of responsibility, dedication and commitment as well as our all-round capabilities by partnering with us in civil work projects mainly roads, buildings, waterworks, and airfield constructions.

Our Location

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Address:  Dembel City Center,
Phone:  +251 115 33766 / 537585
Fax:  +251 115 519460
P.O.Box:  9517, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Email:  info@yencomad.com