Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

Consistent with our mission of serving local and international customers in the world, YENCOMAD embraces the international construction standards and the need to building its own capacities to that effect. We adopt these measures as part and parcel of the overarching goal and strategies of YENCOMAD. First, we believe that, in order to make our vision to become a reality, we must be driven by bold goals and aspirations. Second, we believe that quality will be achieved only if all parts of the company work together professionally in concert toward that end.

Hence, YENCOMAD’s vision is to become the best internationally competitive Company and be the choice of customers by meeting and exceeding their needs & expectations.

We seek a company, with highly qualified technical and managerial personnel as well as systems that fully meet the expectations of customers.

YENCOMAD will be known in Africa and the Middle East as a partner of choice for its unparalleled professional commitment to international quality standards of construction of both roads and buildings.”

The activities we intend to pursue in adopting quality approaches to the construction engineering will reflect a more holistic understanding of the business. We will measure progress toward the overarching goal by monitoring achieved results against local and international norms.

Our Mission

The mission of YENCOMAD is to establish and operate a leading construction company that can provide high quality services, which surpass customers’ expectations and play a significant role in the construction industry, thereby participating in the economic and social development efforts of the nation. It is the motto of YENCOMAD to serve customers to their highest satisfaction drawing strength from its resources and experiences to maintain the expectations of the clientele. We promote lasting success by:

Strengthening both human and financial capacity to deliver best services to our customers;

Meeting national and international technical and quality standards for construction.

Continuously improving work organizations, systems and procedures to become quality-orientated, result-focused and demand-responsive to meeting standards and deadlines.

Guided by the aspirations of customers, we pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the customers whom we serve deserve nothing less.

The growing demand for results and excellence is met by the relentless efforts of the personnel of YENCOMAD at the various construction project

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Address:  Dembel City Center,
Phone:  +251 115 33766 / 537585
Fax:  +251 115 519460
P.O.Box:  9517, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Email:  info@yencomad.com