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The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia as part of its Road Sector Development Program has allocated sufficient budget for the construction of 88.07 km (Original contract length) from Jaragedo-Zagora-Debretabor Road to DS5 standard. Accordingly the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA), acting as duly authorized representative of the government, has signed a contract agreement with our company, Yencomad Construction.Pvt.Ltd.Co., on May 14, 2013 for works construction of this road project.


The project road starts at JaraGedo town; passes though villages of Shime, Zagora, Jibasra Mariam, and Mehaderamariam; and terminates at Debretabor town. The project is accessed by the existing road turning Estie town from Bahir Dar to Gondar main road just at Hamusit town which is located at about 20km from Bahir Dar town. This existing road crosses the project road in caption at around station 18+000, specifically Gindatamim village, where the camp site exists.

 A. Project: Jaragedo-Zagora-Jibasramariam-Debretabor Road Project
 B. Location: South Gondar Region : Amhara
 C. Employer:  Ethiopian Roads Authority
 D. Consultant:  Classic Consulting Engineers plc
 E. Contractor: Yencomad Construction plc
 F. Date of hand over of the sit: May 14,2013
 G. Commencement: May 29,2013
 H. Original Contact Duration: 1096 Cal.days
Revised Contract Duration:  1338 Cal.days
 I. Original Completion date: May 28, 2016
Rev. Completion date: January 25, 2017
 J. Initial Client cost base-line : 988,089,197.63 ETB
Client cost base-line (with Vat & Contingency) 1,235,670,522.22 ETB
 K. Revised Client cost base-line(pay items) 933,019,311.89 ETB
Revised Client cost base-line (with Vat & Contingency) 1,161,440,120.20 ETB
 L. Original Contract Length 88.08km
Revised Project Length 87.65km


 M. Minimum Value of Interim Payment 4,000,000.00ETB
 N. Total Earned value To date (Including price adjustment)
In Value  967,612,519.80 ETB
In percent  95.81%
 O. Total Time Elapsed To date
In days 1709
In percent 27.73%
 P. Value of Works Scheduled To date (Pay Items)
In Amount (As per Master planned value) 933,019,311.89ETB
In percent (against client cost base line) 100%
In Amount (As per Planned Value (site condition)) 914,048,218.32 ETB
In percent (against client cost base line) 97.91%
 Q. Mobilization Advance
Received 199,572,430.19 ETB
Repayment Balance 199,572,430.19 ETB

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