Melkasa Sodere Nureara Methehara

Melkasa Sodere Nureara Methehara

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A short description of the works accomplished:

Clearing and Grubbing activity: This activity is almost completed. Cut/Borrow to fill: The remaining excavation activity is not considerable. The embankment activities remain ahead of km 70. Sub-base: The contractor has accomplished 64% of the sub-base construction. Base course: The crushing activity of the base course material is completed 90%. The placing of the base course is under progress with an accomplishment of 60km. Structures: The construction of minor drainage structures is about 50%. When it comes to major structures, originally, there were 3 bridges in the contract. However, currently, there are a total of 11 bridges (a considerable change). Out of those bridges in the project, 6 have been completed until the project suspension.

Project Melkasa – Sodere – Nuraera – Metehara AC Road Construction Project
Location: Oromia Regional state, East Shoa Zone, Melkasa Metehara
Employer: Ethiopian Roads Authority
Consultant: Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation
Contractor: Yencomad Construction PLC
Date of Commencement : 01 January, 2018 (Revised)
Original Contact Duration 1095 Calendar Days
Rev. Contract Duration 1342 Calendar Days
Original Completion Date 30 December, 2020
Rev. Completion Date 03 September, 2021
Initial Contract amount including VAT ETB 1,203,129,756.19 ETB
Original Contract Length 94Km

Melkasa – Sodere – Nurera – Metehara AC Road Project located in southeaster part of Ethiopia. The project road traverses through East Shewa and Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional State. The road starts at Melkasa town (110 km east of Addis Ababa and 17km south of Adama) at the junction with Adama – Asela road and ends at the outskirt of Metehara town at the junction with Addis – Mojo – Awash trunk road. In general, it follows a northeastern direction as it progresses to Metehara town (where the project road terminates).

The Employer is Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA); the Employer Representative is on Transport Construction Design & Supervision Works Corporation. The total contract price is ETB 1,203,129,756.19 including VAT.

The road is to be upgraded from existing gravel surfaced road of 6m wide to DS3 standard with total length of 94 km. The road has 7m Asphaltic Concrete (5mm) carriageway width with 2m paved (DBST) shoulder on each side, in Woreda Seat sections 14 m traffic lane and 2.5m walk way on each side and Kebele Seat sections a traffic lane of 12m traffic lanes and 2.5m shoulder or parking lanes .

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