Modjo Edejre Arerti

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 Project Name: Modjo-Edejre-Arerti
 Road Type: Asphalt
 Project Length (km):  64.5
 Name of Employer:  Ethiopian Roads Authority
 Award Date: Feb. 12, 2008
 Completion Date: Feb. 12, 2008

Brief description of the works performed: The work involves upgrading of the existing gravel-surfaced road in to a triple surface treated road from Modjo to Arerti (upto km 64.5) in Eastern Shewa Zone of Oromia and northern Shewa Zone of the Amhara Region TBST finished 64.5 km road works (Common and borrow excavation 1,610,000.0 m3; sub-base works 180,000.0 m3; base course 140,000.0 m3).

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