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This is short summary on construction of Omo-Maji Design and Build Double surface treatment road project and Construction activity is undertaken by Yencomad construction plc. and under supervision team of Dana and Associated Engineers consulting plc. The federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia as part of its Road Sector Development program has allocated sufficient budget for the construction of 32Km Road from Sai-Maji.  Accordingly the Ethiopian Road Authority ERA acting as duly authorized representative of the government has signed a contract agreement with our company, Yencomad Construction PLC on 07 Dec.-2016 for works of this road construction project. And, it is commenced on 21-Feb-2017. For this road construction project the initial contract amount including VAT is 772,077,818.33ETB.

The estimated value of works executed is about 96% financially against client cost base line of a bill item as of this date (July 2023).

Project : Omo- Maji Design and Build Road project, Contract 2: Sai-Maji
 Location: Southern Nations and Nationalities and Peoples regional state in Bench Maji Zone
Employer: Ethiopian Roads Authority
Consultant: Dana and Associated Engineers consulting PLC
Contractor: Yencomad Construction PLC
Date of Commencement : Feb. 20, 2017
Original Contact Duration 1095 Calendar Days
Rev. Contract Duration 1394 Calendar Days
Original Completion Date Feb. 19, 2020
Rev. Completion Date Dec, 14, 2020 [There is requested EOT]
Client Cost Base-line (With VAT & Contingency) 772,077,818.33ETB
Original Contract Length 32 km

The project road starts at Sai at 68+500; and cross Sai (Olkut Kebele), Sai (Key Kokeb Kebele, Temdibad River, Chewut River, Ore Kebele and Maji Town. The project is accessed by Addis Ababa-Jima-Mizan-Bonga – Wacha – Maji town. The project Road forms the second part of Omo-Maji project which is intended to link the Gamo – Gofa and Bench-Maji zone and also forms a major Traffic Route for Kuraz sugar factory.

The Employer is Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA); the Employer Representative is DANA and Associates Consulting Engineers P.L.C. The total contract price is ETB 772,077,818.33 including VAT.

The road is to be constructed to DC4 standard with total length of 30 km. The road has 7m width in rural section with double bituminous surface carriageway.

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